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We are a small family business established in 2014. Our aim is to supply quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and Aftermarket ŠKODA parts to mainly New Zealand and Australia ŠKODA owners, but we are happy to assist everyone around the globe! Our parts are manufactured in and imported from ŠKODA place of origin Czech Republic, Germany (OEM-GENUINE) or Europe Union (AFTERMARKET). All our suppliers have a great reputation, and are used by thousands ŠKODA car owners in Europe every day. Having been ŠKODA mechanics, and born in Czech Republic, we seek to pursue the ŠKODA 'Simply Clever' motto. With our efficient and friendly service we can provide you with the right solution for all your ŠKODA needs. ŠKODA AUTO selling cars around Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and since 2007 have returned to the market in Australia and New Zealand. History of the ŠKODA brand dates back to 1895.Because we are ŠKODA enthusiastic, our main goal is to help you as simply as possible to choose from a vast amount of spare parts for your ŠKODA model. We offering OEM parts for the latest models such as the ŠKODA FABIA 3,( 2015 -->) ŠKODA SUPERB 3 (2015 -->) ŠKODA CITIGO, ŠKODA RAPID, ŠKODA OCTAVIA 3, ŠKODA SUPERB 2, ŠKODA ROOMSTER, ŠKODA YETI. We would like to offer spare parts for cars ŠKODA 105, ŠKODA 120 or ŠKODA 130,(Estelle) which was produced in 1976 - 1990. Also ŠKODA FAVORIT and ŠKODA FORMAN from the years 1988 to 1995 or newer models such as the ŠKODA FELICIA ( 1994 - 2001),ŠKODA OCTAVIA (1996 - 2004),ŠKODA FABIA (1999 - 2007),ŠKODA SUPERB (2001 - 2008),ŠKODA OCTAVIA 2 (2004 - 2012) and ŠKODA FABIA 2 (2007 - 1015), Škoda Fabia 3 (2015-->) and from now on we offer parts for newest Škoda model- KODIAQ (2017-->) and also KAROQ (2017-->) and SCALA (2019-->).

Škodaparts LTD offering GENUINE and quality AFTERMARKET ŠKODA parts, because we do believe that our costumers deserve only the best care possible.

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Thank you so so much much Vic!

Super helpful as always :)

I’m struggling to get to work without my car - eeek!

Thanks again for your expert help. Have a wonderful weekend!

Hi Guys,

I  forgot to confirm to you that this eventually arrived, it was another couple weeks after this date though - no matter to me not that urgent, just like to thankyou for sorting this for me.
- excellent customer service - most appreciated nowadays
best regards 

Hi Vic, thanks for your prompt reply re the rear springs for the octavia, I've order them in addition to a full set of shocks that you previously advised me on.  always impressed with your level of customer service,

Kind regards,
John Willmer


Thanks for having a superb online shop that makes the process easy. 

Kind regards

Wayne Abbott

Thank you for your help to make ordering the parts nice and easy credit to your team and the excellent customer service which gave me confidence in placing my order online

Regards Don

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Genuine parts versus low-quality (?)


Where is the truth about spare parts?

The most expensive = best? This assumption with aftermarket parts does not apply. Yes, on the one hand, expensive original parts with the OEM logo and on the other, extremely cheap parts from unknown manufacturers, often from China. But there are even spare parts, whose quality is the same as the originals and the price is significantly lower. Surprisingly, the original part may have as the country of origin referred to China.

A lot of people still think that car company have all the components for their cars they make themselves. This idea is a misconception. Car manufacturers usually produce only those parts that are specific for a given vehicle (typically engine blocks or parts of the body), the other procures the subcontractors. Subcontractors are usually contractually bound to produce a particular part, or parts, marked with the logo of the carmaker, part number of the Volkswagen group and in this form it is only supply and only carmaker. Branded original part, so may be from the factory to wander through the only channel – directly to the automakers, who with him shall be treated further. That’s the theory.

Spare parts – and how it looks in real life? In fact, but the manufacturer of these products, the de facto original parts just without the logo of the carmaker or the group's selling and other channels. If the manufacturing process allows, on the line produces the same part, of the same material, same technology, same quality and "only" is not marked with the logo of the car company.

Such a product then on the market with spare parts for sale in the packaging of the manufacturer himself (not in the OEM wrap), marked the brand/name of the manufacturer (not OEM wrap) and above all significantly cheaper. Paradoxically, also as a buyer you know from what a specific manufacturer you buy, unlike the original part, which the automaker often "boasted" the one who specifically made it. If you buy a quality part from a verified manufacturer, who also supplies spare parts directly to a manufacturer you have full control over what brand and thus what kind of quality you are getting. And often you can when buying such a part to get a better quality than the original. You can determine yourself better manufacturer than currently e.g. in the framework of the savings in production costs it adds into the original packaging. And additionally producers on the basis of long experience, when they already know the weak points of the product, sometimes improving the design and for example replaced the normal plastic parts with metal parts that are more durable......

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Dual mass flywheel: wrong shifting reduces its life. And replacement is expensive


Has the reputation of being problematic part, but automakers are using them more and more often. Dual mass flywheel significantly increases the driving comfort. At the same time get destroyed by the shocks that arise from improper shifting. The acquisition of the replacement part and the replacement of the entire ensemble flywheel-clutch then comes on average to about $ 2500.

 First it started with the higher classes assembled BMW’s. And it's already at the end of the 1980’s!! Today it is a common component at all lower car classes. Dual mass flywheel contains two separate mass (hence the name “dual mass”), which are united by the system of springs. The first part is bolted together with the crankshaft, the second is to use plain bearings in the primary section.

 How the dual mass flywheel work?

Today's engines have much higher outputs and torques than their predecessors. Dual mass flywheel prevents the transmission of the strong vibrations from the power unit to a gearbox. Thus has great influence is the durability of the transmission. In addition, increasing the driving comfort from the point of view of the driver. Dual mass dampen shocks incurred by the shifter (bad, rude, insensitive...), driving and the ride is smoother, without the car sharply leaped for example, when downshift.

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